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Fiduciary Focused Investment Management

Fiduciary investment management is a critical component of responsible retirement plan administration. Prudent investment management involves the careful selection, monitoring, and review of the investments offered within your retirement plan. We can help you create the needed process to track your plan investments. Our approach will work toward promoting the financial well-being of your employees and maintaining the integrity of the retirement plan, creating trust and confidence.

Process Matters

Process Matters

Having a prudent process to managing plan investment options is key for managing your fiduciary responsibilities. 

We can help by providing 3(21) co-fiduciary services when it comes to managing your plans investment options:

  • Creation of an Investment Policy Statement
  • Provide quarterly investment reports
  • Creation of a diversified investment menu and assist with final selection of Investment options
  • Assist with qualified default investment option available to plan participants
  • Provide a prudent process for scoring investments and removing underperforming investments. 
  • Assistance in the documenting of investment committee meetings.  

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